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Mother and Baby

Are you tired as a you know what?!?

Start feeling like yourself again with the precious gift of sleep through custom, family-led support right from your home. 

“Sleep is an essential part of life-but more important, sleep is a gift.”

–William C. Dement



Hello! I’m Natalie!

My husband and I currently reside in Castle Rock, Colorado with our 2 dogs and our daughter Skylar and son Levi. I received my pediatric sleep consultant certification through The Center for Pediatric Sleep Management and I am trained on a variety of sleep training methods. My goal is to give back families the precious gift of sleep through custom, family-led support done virtually.

Areas I can help with

If any of these apply to you, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome!


Having a hard time getting your child on a consistent nap and/or sleep schedule


Trying to transition from co-sleeping / bed sharing


Dealing with sleep regressions and how to get through it


Looking for longer stretches of sleep at night or eliminate early morning wakings


Trouble transitioning from crib to bed and you’re at a loss on how to keep your child in their bed

Mother with her Baby

My Services

Where is the Manual to This Thing?!


(0-12 weeks)


I Have to Teach This Child How to Sleep?!

Sleep Package
(4 months-

4 years)



I’m Tired as a MOFO! SOS!


Sleep Package
(4 months-

4 years)


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Ask Me

Anything Call

(All Ages)


15- minute Discovery Call

(All Ages)


"In just two weeks our sweet boy was sleeping the longest stretches he has ever slept. Now he sleeps through the night and we have Natalie to thank for that! From one mama to another, I highly recommend Natalie if you are struggling with your sleeping baby!”

–Kristina D.


What Well Rested Parents Say

“Natalie was phenomenal to work with! She completely transformed our bedtime routine all while listening to my concerns and making the process as easy as possible on me and my 18-month-old. If you’re in need of sleep, look no further. We loved working with Natalie!”

-Erin M.

Our baby goes to bed every night happy and calm, sleeps through the whole night for more than 9 hours and wakes up at a regular time super happy and excited to start his day. And we, his parents, feel more rested and full of energy to enjoy every moment with him.
Thank you, Natalie!”

 -Robie H.

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